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Equipment and Laboratory Design Services

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Laboratory Planning

Equipment and Laboratory Design - Clear communication, accuracy and quick turnaround are important to our clients. Each member of our design team has experience (10 years minimum) and is proficient in CAD. All aspects of laboratory design are handled by one person - no waiting in line for an available draftsperson, nothing is "lost in translation." Drawings and revisions can be completed in less than 24 hours. Some call this approach fast track - we call it standard operating procedure.

Estimates - Accurate laboratory furniture budgeting is important. Our time tested system provides quick turnaround of accurate budgets.

Firm Price Quotations – A firm price quotation is promptly provided with the final drawing revision. This approach is efficient and helps guarantee the best possible price for the highest quality products.

Value Analysis - Every laboratory furniture design process is unique. One designer will provide an analysis outlining options, reviewing the pros and cons of each, to inform and assist in decision making.

Laboratory Construction

You will work with one responsible individual from early design to delivery. During the equipment and laboratory design phase, your project manager (PM) will help your team make informed decisions and ensure an excellent end result.

Chose a construction approach - professional project management, materials delivered and installed or materials delivered only – and PSA’s professionals will make great things happen. No need to worry about missed opportunities or “I wish we had…” Our team will ask the right questions, and understand your objectives and pull it all together, ensuring that services (i.e. power, gases, water, etc.) are in expected locations, bench ware is plentiful and the project runs smoothly.

Upon laboratory furniture installation completion, you will receive activated warranties and guarantees and operation and maintenance manuals for future reference. Field-testing of fume hoods is available, including ensuring a safe operating product.

Professional Project Management

  • Continuity – Your PM will be the same person from initial conversation to completion and future support.
  • Design – Learn with your PM and make informed decisions.
  • Project Assessment – Identify any potential design or construction challenges up front and develop a corrective action plan(s).
  • Construction – PSA’s PM will coordinate all trades, material orders and deliveries:
    • Clearly communicate progress on a weekly basis
    • Immediately address challenges as they arise
    • Always available to address concerns and answer questions
  • Pre-Punch List – Your PM will complete a punch list prior to asking you to do the same. Your PM will also coordinate and complete any commissioning tests agreed on. This step eliminates or minimizes any conflicts with your projected move in date.
  • Punch List – Your PM will address any items you feel require correction in short order.
  • Delivery – At completion, your PM will conduct an in-service review of all systems (fume hoods, service shut off valves, etc.) to ensure you get the most out of your new space.

Materials Delivered and Installed

Projects are quoted comprehensively – pricing, unless noted otherwise, includes all materials and carpentry installation. This approach does not include construction, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, piping and other services outside of carpentry installation.

Materials Delivered Only

PSA will coordinate the delivery of all required materials to be installed by others. Once materials are on-site, PSA provides phone support to answer questions and ensure a great installation.

Testing and Certification

ANSI/ASHRAE 110 - 1995 – All new chemical fume hoods will be tested on-site as mandated by ANSI Z9.5 Standard for Laboratory Ventilation at project completion.  PSA will coordinate and perform this testing and provide a report for each hood if included in price quote.

Our testing and certification department is trained and equipped to provide critical and, in some cases, mandated testing and certification of containment devices common to the laboratory including:

  • Fume Hood: ASHRAE 110, ANSI Z9.5 and LTMW 1109 SOP
  • Biological Safety Cabinets: NSF Standard 49
  • Laminar Flow Device Certification: IEST-RP-CC0002.2
  • Clean Rooms ISO 14644 and Federal Standard 209E

Other Testing — We will work with you to develop custom testing methodology for any application.



PSA will help you develop a safe, working laboratory. For more help with laboratory countertop integration, equipment and laboratory furniture design, contact us today!

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