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Flexible Laboratory Furniture

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Flexible laboratory furniture by PSA is an integrated system that organizes space in modern laboratories and maximizes usage of vertical space. Totally freestanding, flexible laboratory benches by PSA require no attachment to the floor. All steel furniture components can be easily reconfigured without costly and disruptive traditional remodeling.

Flexible laboratory furniture addresses the real costs in a modern lab:

  • Shelves and counters easily adjust in 1" increments
  • Allows fast and easy reconfiguration with minimal disruption
  • Maximizes available floor space
  • Enables greater productivity and improved ergonomics
  • Optimizes your investment in people and technology
  • Wood, laminate and steel cabinets available

Steel furniture Laboratory furniture


Flexible furniture responds to individual requirements with a broad selection of complimentary products including:

  • Work Surfaces
  • Pegboards
  • Overhead and Under Bench Shelving
  • Overhead and Under Bench Cabinets
  • Localized Exhaust Systems
  • CPU and Monitor Peripherals
  • Power Modules
  • Service Locations Include On-bench, Overhead and Behind Bench Solutions
  • Task Lighting

Electronic Support Shelves organize equipment above the work area, freeing up valuable bench space for instrumentation and processes.

With changes in applications, work surface heights and overhead components can be reconfigured without contractor involvement and with minimal disruption to your laboratory.

This approach and design provides a complete and total solution to your laboratory environment requirements. From concept to completion, we provide solutions to help you optimize the efficiency of your laboratory furniture within your planned space.

Suspended shelves and other overhead components utilize vertical space to make the most of available space.

Convenient, ergonomic and cost effective mobile and fixed solutions ready for your new space.


Laboratory benches Steel laboratory furniture

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